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About Carol

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Carol Burley was born in Fremantle, Western Australia in 1958 and still lives close to the port city renowned for its character, heritage and bohemian arts community.


Carol’s creativity manifested from a young age. She taught herself to sew, knit and crochet while still in primary school. Never idle, she was always making something. As a young mother, she established a thriving artificial plant business – a further expression of her artistic impulse.


Carol is a self-taught artist who was inspired to pick up a paintbrush when attending an art workshop with her young grandson. Since then, she has been on a personal art odyssey exploring a diverse range of techniques and art forms using mixed media.


She is attracted to light, colour and rich textures which she creates using a variety of natural and recyclable materials for paintings and 3D artworks. Her subject matter is eclectic, from landscapes to animals, birds, the human figure and abstracts.


Carol has exhibited and sold her artworks at a range of art exhibitions in Perth.

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My work is diverse. I love creating art that connects to the environment and natural elements of the sky,
the oceans and the earth, bringing their radiance to life with the lustrous colours and shadowy forms of nature.

Landscapes are a favourite subject, but I also love to paint and sculpt animals, birds, the human figure
and abstracts using a variety of mixed media and recyclable materials. To me, almost any subject matter
is potentially a painting or sculpture.

I find a sense of peace and relaxation holding a brush in my hand and connecting with the flow of my work.
It gives me a sense of deep personal satisfaction.

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